We offer ideas that surround the collaborative enterprise space.

Important ingredients for collaborative enterprise

As a collaborative enterprise moves from concept to implementation, it must develop practical systems and solutions with a focus on process and compliance.

This involves understanding and defining needs. It also means growing capabilities and systems within the enterprise and its community that are accountable, transparent and sustainable, embracing best practice. It encompasses traditional governance practices, but with a broader view of participation and engagement of members and community.

This page outlines the things we believe are the ingredients for collaborative enterprise.

Social Accounting

Social Accounting is a broad term for a process that enables an organisation to systematically record those things it does that have an impact on society, to report that impact, and through counting them, improve their performance. Social accounts are in addition to the financial accounts and reports.

The purpose of this process is to maximise the positive impact on society by the organisation by improving its performance, together with its accountability, transparency, and sustainability.

This page unpacks the elements of social accounting.

Sharing the Economy

An economy is a system of creating and exchanging goods and services. A society is a group of people that live together under an agreed set of rules called laws. 

Many economists spend years attempting to predict the impact of actions on an economy, many failing because the individuals concerned reacted to events as unpredictable humans do, rather than as parts of an economic model.

However an economy is defined, the heart and soul of any discussion or examination is resources and how the people in a society use them.

This page looks at how we see an economy and society.

Creatives, Co-operatives, and Mutuals

Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music and ideas. The themes of Creatives, Co-operatives and Mutuals were explored as part of Vivid Ideas in 2016 and 2017 in two 2 part events.

Creatives Get Mutual in 2016 comprised a seminar “Business Models for the Creative Economy” and a one-day conference focussed on “Practical Tools for Building Collaborative Enterprise”

Creatives Get Cooperative in 2017 was a two part ideas event with a seminar and a workshop on different days, with the two events discussed the challenge of “language, ownership, structure and sharing for creatives in the new economy”.

This page provides access to videos of the events, and those presented at the events.