Synergia Summer Institute – Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth: Pathways to a new political economy

July 10, 2017 – July 21, 2017 all-day
Monte Ginezzo
52044 Cortona
Province of Arezzo
The cost of registration for the full two week course is 1,500 Euros. A one week course section (either of the two weeks) is 1,000 Euros.


The Synergia Institute is excited to be launching its first face-to-face training program next July 2017 in Tuscany! For change makers everywhere this program offers an opportunity to explore real pathways to system change with leading experts in their fields.

Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth – Pathways to a New Political Economy, is an intensive 2 week program that links the global with the local through the diffusion of transformative ideas, models, and practices that advance game-changing solutions for progressive change in the following key areas:

  • Co-operative Capital & Social Finance; Alternative Currencies
  • Co-op & Commons-Based housing & Land Tenure; Community Land Trusts
  • Renewable Energy; Community-owned energy systems
  • Local & Sustainable food systems; Community Supported Agriculture
  • User-controlled health & social care; Social & Community Service Co-ops
  • Co-operative and Commons Governance
  • Platform Co-operatives, Digital Commons & Peer-to-Peer productions systems
  • Convergence and the New Political Economy; Principles, Propositions, and Practices

The program can be downloaded from for complete details.

The Synergia Summer Institute is very privileged to offer some of the very finest minds and practitioners in their respective fields of study and practice. Acknowledged internationally as leaders in their fields, our confirmed instructors include the following individuals:

  • Michel Bauwens: Founder, P2P Foundation; Co-Author, Network Society and Future Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy.
  • Pat Conaty: Fellow, New Economics Foundation; Research Associate, Cooperatives UK;  Co-Author, The Resilience Imperative.
  • Renate Goergen: President, Le Mat Europe; Board Member, European Social Franchise Network (ESFN).
  • Christian Iaione: Associate Professor of Public Law, Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome; Fellow, Urban Law Center at Fordham University; Director, LabGov – Laboratory for the Governance of the Commons.
  • Mike Lewis: Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Community Renewal; Co Author, The Resilience Imperative.
  • Julie MacArthur: Assistant Professor, Environmental Politics & Public Policy, University of Auckland; Author of Empowering Electricity: Sustainability Co-operatives and Power Sector Reform in Canada.
  • Jason Nardi: Co-ordinator, RIPESS Europe.
  • John Restakis: Executive Director, Community Evolution Foundation; Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University; Author, Humanizing the Economy – Co-operatives in the Age of Capital.
  • Marco Tulli, Emiliano Cecchino, Davide Bonsigniore: Off Grid Academy.
Synergia Summer Institute – Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth: Pathways to a new political economy