Creatives Get Cooperative – Workshop: Vivid Ideas Event

June 5, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
UTS (Building 15)
632 Harris St
Ultimo NSW 2007
From $75 (including Seminar)



Creatives Get Cooperative Workshop builds on the insights of the Vivid Exchange Seminar and seeks to generate &/or build practical creative collaboration projects and find a practical outcome for Creatives as potentially sustainable collaborative ventures.

Now is time to get our hands dirty…Creatives Get Cooperative builds on the insights from the Creatives Get Cooperative Seminar the previous day to generate an extended workshop.  The workshop will incubate ideas, identify collaborators and share practical tools.

Creatives get Cooperative will work collaboratively with the New Zealand based innovative social experimental network Enspiral to demonstrate and identify opportunity for creative collaboration. The Workshop will be facilitated by Joshua Vials Founding CEO.

Enspiral is a global network of entrepreneurs and start-ups working on stuff that matters. Enspiral lives in high-trust, personal relationships. Principles of collaboration, autonomy, transparency and diversity and the processes, agreements and culture form the foundation of the network. A cooperative in structure, Enspiral has quickly become one of the world’s pioneers in new ways to organise work.

Creatives Get Cooperative workshop, Enspiral and other participants will share their experiences and experiments to form sustainable cooperative and collaborative ventures. The focus is on outcome development:


Culture is at the heart of the Enspiral network. We’ll examine the cultural and technical processes and practices used to build a network and strengthen ventures and humans within it. Processes include: participation, agile processes, personal and professional development, checkins, external facilitators, communication retreats, away days, feedback, retrospectives and kindness.

Experimental and Open Source:

Experiments fuel ongoing understanding and are key to ensuring that whatever we’re doing — governance, customer or project-related —  is validated (or not). Taking an experimental and considered approach unlocks new learning and possibilities for projects and our ongoing evolution. Creativity is based on —  you don’t know what works until you try and no one else will know unless you share it!

Governance and Finance:

Agreements define the important processes at Enspiral. The process for creating and changing agreements is defined by the way in which Enspiral make decisions which in turn is defined by the way in which the participants establish trust and accountability for individuals and ventures within the network. Enspiral will discuss some of their experiments in collective strategy setting, ‘catalysts’ and ‘independent pods’.

The Creatives Get Cooperative Workshop is a practical challenge for practitioners, arts management, creative innovators and Government policy makers to embrace community ownership of creative assets and provoke arts and creative organisations to consider incorporating collaborative cooperative business models as a key to ownership of creative assets and creative freelancers labour market opportunities in a new shared economy.

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Ticket Conditions

* Booking and transaction fees may apply. * Note: Workshop tickets includes the Seminar * Pay one forward In the spirit of international Co-operative principles’ of “Education, Training and Information” and “Cooperation among Cooperatives” the producers ask for your direct support of the attendance, networking and engagement of persons who may not have sufficient resources but will benefit from the Creatives Get Cooperative Vivid Idea 2017. Bursary Tickets include: 2xTickets (incl 1x ticket distributed via the CGC Bursary program).
Creatives Get Cooperative – Workshop: Vivid Ideas Event