Creatives Get Cooperative Seminar: Vivid Ideas Event

June 4, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Circular Quay
Sydney NSW 2000
From $20

Creative license — back on the bus…

“We need musician-owned replacements for iTunes, filmmaker-owned replacements for YouTube, and democratic media outlets that put control in the hands of journalists” —Janelle Orsi keynote speaker for Creatives Get Mutual mounted the challenge in Vivid Idea 2016. 

Now it’s time to get our hands dirty…Creatives Get Cooperative 2017 builds on the insights of Vivid Ideas 2016 to expand the dialogue of platform cooperativism and inspire understanding of values based sharing and distributive economy – from strategy comes structure in the context of innovative creative enterprises.

Creative Industries are not immune to the challenge of low-wage work and platform based technologies. Freelancers, organisations and start-ups can collaborate to adapt the co-op eco system of online platforms that support production and sociality, digital labour brokerages and web-based marketplaces that are collectively owned and democratically governed. Platform co-op initiatives directly support the economic sustainable model of ownership and fair distribution. They are democratically governed, support the informational and material commons.

In 2017, Creatives Get Cooperative is working collaboratively with the New Zealand based innovative social experimental network Enspiral to demonstrate and identify opportunity for creative collaboration.

The seminar will present an interactive panel of experts including Joshua Vial Founding CEO of Enspiral and explore themes and challenges of:

  • Community investment, community shares and crowd equity
  • Market opportunity for creative cooperative business and social enterprise
  • Sustainable cooperative ownership and management
  • Commons and P2P concepts and alternative economies
  • Language of Sharing and marketing

Enspiral is a global network of entrepreneurs and start-ups working on stuff that matters. Enspiral lives in high-trust, personal relationships. Principles of collaboration, autonomy, transparency and diversity and the processes, agreements and culture form the foundation of the network. A cooperative in structure, Enspiral has quickly become one of the world’s pioneers in new ways to organise work.

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Ticket Conditions

* Booking and transaction fees apply. * Pay One Forward (POF) In the spirit of international Co-operative principles’ of “Education, Training and Information” and “Cooperation among Cooperatives” the producers asks your direct support of the attendance, networking and engagement of persons who may not have sufficient resources but will benefit from the Creatives Get Cooperative Vivid Idea 2017. POF includes: 2 Tickets (1 ticket is distributed via the CGC Bursary program)
Creatives Get Cooperative Seminar: Vivid Ideas Event