Resources and reference material which we hope will be useful are provided below.

Community Economic Development

Local communities and economic sustainability.

Link to documentCommunity Enterprise OwnershipThe edited text and associated slides of a presentation by Peter Gates, Chief Executive of Mercury Co-operative, to the Annual Conference of Monash University’s Institute for Regional Studies in October 2006. The title of the conference was ‘Owning Your Future: small towns and community assets’ – 260Kb.
Link to documentCED Action StrategiesCommunity Economic Development Action Strategies. This article looks at sustainable economic development action strategies based on a framework of six broad and inter-related approaches to local business, local economy and community capacity building – 137Kb.
Link to documentEffective Economic Development Effective Economic Development – What makes it happen?. Key ingredients against which all communities can evaluate themselves and prepare for economic development. (Our thanks to Community Builders NSW for this information) – 96Kb.

Co-operative Services

For new and existing co-operatives.

Link to documentCo-operatives in Australia – A ManualThis manual is designed to assist anyone who wants to start or join a co-operative, and also increase the understanding of members already involved in co-operatives across Australia. It is also designed to assist members of other entity types to understand the pros and cons of the co-operative structure (compared with their existing structure).– 908Kb.
Link to documentICA Co-operative IdentityInternational Co-operative Alliance Statement on the Co-operative Identity – 57Kb.
Link to documentInnovative Co-ops in the Social Services SectorThe report of a research study on the development of social co-operatives around the world to benefit people with developmental disabilities and mental illness – 1.04Mb.
Link to documentThe Co-operative Difference A presentation on Co-operatives in Australia by Peter Gates, Chief Executive of Mercury Co-operatives and Suzanne Henderson, Editor, CCC eNews to Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre seminar Developing Research Agendas in November 2007. – 512Kb.
Link to documentOverview of Co-operativesAn overview of co-operatives taken from the Regulatory Impact Statement for the introduction of the new Co-operatives Regulation 2005, issued by the Policy & Strategy Division of the Office of Fair Trading, NSW Department of Commerce. – 55Kb.

Corporate Governance

For boards and management.

Link to documentBuilding Effective Corporate GovernanceThis paper examines the subject of corporate governance, looks at a number of descriptions and models of corporate governance including Mercury Co-operative’s own Quality Governance Framework – 327Kb.
Link to documentThe Wheel of ParticipationDescribes the ‘Wheel of Participation’ developed by South Lanarkshire Council. The wheel moves from the extreme of no community input, with the Council taking all the decisions, through consultation and participation to citizen empowerment, where the community make their own decisions on issues that affect them – 96Kb.

Ownership Strategies

Includes ownership planning, community buyouts, business succession and employee ownership.

Link to documentEmployee Buyouts GuideEmployee ownership of a business can be achieved through a process called an “employee buy-out”. This guide sets out what an employee buy-out is, when a buy-out is appropriate and why a buy-out should be considered. It also deals with the forms of buy-outs and the steps in performing a buy-out – 235Kb.
Link to documentBusiness Succession and Buyout Solutions to Rejuvenate CommunitiesPresentation to the Small Business Development Conference in October 2006 by Alan Greig, Director, Ownership Strategies of Mercury Co-operative – 70Kb.
Link to documentCo-op Comeback in the OutbackArticle reproduced from the April 2006 edition of Ethical Investor exploring the topic that “Rural communities are pooling funds to plug the drain of essential services” – 552Kb.
Link to documentAsset Based Policies: Matched Savings Accounts: Exploring OptionsReport to the Chifley Research Centre Prepared by The Allen Consulting Group.
Table 1.1 on page 8 provides details of empirical studies linking asset ownership to measures of well being – 997Kb.