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The Library is a searchable knowledgebase about collaborative enterprise in Australia; what it is, and why and how to do it. Contributions to support this resource are welcome.

Additional contributions and changes to the Library are undertaken by the Librarian which allow us to maintain a consistency in look, feel, and direction. Any submission will be formatted by the Librarian and any adjustments or changes will follow a conversation. Mercury reserves the right to decline a submission. When published, the person submitting the article will be advised so that they may review the relevant pages and advise of any minor corrections.

Library Formatting Guidelines

There is no set format for pages given the diverse nature of the content, however the Library Formatting Guidelines should be followed as closely as possible.

  • Articles should be in plain English; neutral and objective; verifiable; and where possible, referenced.
  • Each page should begin with title and a summary, followed by appropriate sections that expand that summary.
  • Each section should have a relevant heading. A Table of Contents will be automatically created are three headings or more.
  • Possible sections include History, Characteristics, Features, Types, Usage, Need, and Advantages and Disadvantages.
  • If similar subject matter pages exist, the existing layout should be used.
  • Complex ideas should be layered so that a main page is supported by other pages to expand the idea.
  • Internal links to articles are preferred for major ideas or information as it allows users to visit within the Library, and easily reconnect with the original article.
  • If information is integral to the idea, consideration should be given to the creation of an article for the Library rather than reference an external source.
  • When required, references to external sources can be provided via an embedded link or footnote.

Library Technology

The Library has been constructed using DokuWiki, which is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and one of 141 different types of wiki software available1).

DokuWiki uses PHP programming language to render text files into a HTML format. It supports basic text formatting such as bold, italic and underlining, internal and external links, sectioning, footnotes, tables and lists using a simple formatting syntax in the text files.

Wikipedia describes the history and characteristics of a wiki, noting the origin of the word is the Hawaiian language where is means “quick”. The key advantage of the wiki approach is the ability to create a page without a parent rather than the more formal website structure where each page flows from another.

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