Creatives, Co-operatives and Mutuals

Vivid Sydney is a festival of light, music and ideas.

The themes of Creatives, Co-operatives and Mutuals were explored as part of Vivid Ideas in 2016 and 2017 in two 2 part events.


Creatives Get Mutual in 2016 comprised a seminar “Business Models for the Creative Economy” and a one-day conference focussed on “Practical Tools for Building Collaborative Enterprise”

Creatives Get Cooperative in 2017 was a two part ideas event with a seminar and a workshop on different days, with the two events discussed the challenge of “language, ownership, structure and sharing for creatives in the new economy”.

The videos on this page were of the events, or were presented at them.

Michel Bauwens

Language & the Sharing Economy

Duration 1:31

Michel Bauwens

Labour Mutuals & Platform Cooperatives
(including case study: Belgium SMart) 

Duration 1:41

Janelle Orsi

Creative Cooperatives Platforms

Duration 1:41

Janelle Orsi

Cooperative & Creative Structures  

Duration 1:57

VIVID Ideas 2017: Creatives Get Cooperative Seminar

Prepared by Films4Change : Duration 1:24:00

Speakers / Panelists / Facilitator included in this interactive panel of experts discussed the challenge of “language, ownership, structure and sharing for creatives in the new economy”.

* Joshua Vial: Catalyst and co-founder of Enspiral global network of entrepreneurs and start-ups

* Prof Ghil’ad Zuckerman: Chair of Linguistics and Endangered Languages at the University of Adelaide

* Dr Natalia Nikalova: Snr Lecturer & Researcher – Transdisciplinary Innovation organisational & management practices, strategy and innovation University of Technology Sydney

* Jess Scully: Curator, policy thinker, festival director, media producer and former Vivid Ideas Curator and current Councillor for the City of Sydney, Jess is passionate about using creativity to inspire social change

* Claire Marshall (MC): Film maker & award-winning creative and experienced speaker & facilitator incl conferences such as Ouishare (Paris), Re:publica (Berlin) and Disrupt (Sydney)

* Peter Tregilgas (Curator): Director of the original arts disrupter the Adelaide Fringe, curator and producer for the definitive publications “Social Enterprise in Australia” and “Cooperatives in Australia”.

Creatives Get Mutual

Full 2016 Seminar

Duration 90:00