Collaborative Enterprise Stewardship

Collaborative Enterprise Stewardship

Mercury facilitates capabilities to generate ethical & sustainable income resources, identifying and exploiting market opportunities, and building a resilient financial and future-proofed legacy.

Leaders in a collaborate enterprise have a responsibility to take care of that which belongs to someone else, and pass it on better that they received it. They need to guard, protect and grow the enterprise, having a positive impact and create a stronger enterprise which is successful and sustainable, by building the business.

Building Income & Capital

Developing sustainable and strong community assets requires a clear focus on income streams and growing capital. An enterprise reliant on ongoing support from others risks dependency and a loss of control of direction.

Ensuring a viable income stream is a key challenge of any organisation, and a collaborative one is no different. It is vital that a community work with its people and enterprises to identify resources and resource building strategies.

Kick starting a project or enterprise with community support often adds value by way of social capital. Planned giving programs, such as enable by Mercury’s eGive, are a method of collecting vital seed funding.

In the longer term, reliable income flows and clear planning leads to the creation of capital and increasing independence for the community leading and greater economic participation.




Corporate|Community Engagement & Procurement

Connecting business with community for mutual benefit.



Product|Service Market Clarity

Identifying and refining the products and services offered by an enterprise to maximise their value to the consumer and to the organisation.