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Vivid Ideas Exchange Event: Creatives Get Cooperative – Seminar @ MCA | Sydney | New South Wales | Australia
12:00 pm
Creatives Get Cooperative – Seminar Creative license — back on the bus… “We need musician-owned replacements for iTunes, filmmaker-owned replacements for YouTube, and democratic media outlets that put control in the hands of journalists” —Janelle Orsi keynote[...]
Vivid Conference Events: Creatives Get Cooperative Workshop @ MCA | Sydney | New South Wales | Australia
10:00 am
    Creatives Get Cooperative – Workshop Creatives Get Cooperative Workshop builds on the insights of the Vivid Exchange Seminar and seeks to generate &/or build practical creative collaboration projects and find a practical outcome[...]
IASC Conference - Practicing the commons: Self-governance, cooperation, and institutional change @ Utrecht University | Utrecht | Utrecht | Netherlands
12:00 am
The ‘Institutions for Collective Action’ research team of Utrecht University as well as the researchers affiliated with Utrecht University’s Strategic Theme ‘Institutions for Open Societies’ will jointly host the global XVI Biennial Conference, ‘Practicing the[...]
Synergia Summer Institute -  Transition to Co-operative Commonwealth:  Pathways to a new political economy @ Monte Ginezzo | Cortona | Tuscany | Italy
12:00 am
The Synergia Institute is excited to be launching its first face-to-face training program next July 2017 in Tuscany! For change makers everywhere this program offers an opportunity to explore real pathways to system change with leading[...]