• Collaborative Enterprise

    A collaborative enterprise is a group of people working for a common goal
  • DBL Report

    The DBL Report (Clark C, Rosenzweig W, Long D and Olsen S 2004 Double bottom line project report: Assessing social impact in double bottom line ventures; methods catalog) definition of social impact was used by Karen Maas and Kellie Liket of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in their 2011 paper (Maas, K. E. H. /Liket, K. C. (2011): Social Impact Measurement: Classification of Methods). In it, they noted “the lack of consensus on the definition of social impact causes confusion and hampers the ability to study the phenomenon” and that the “Main differences are found in the usage of words such as ‘impact’, ‘output’, ‘effect’ and ‘outcome’. They note “the term social impact is often replaced by terms such as ‘social value creation’ and ‘social return’”.