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    Welcome to Mercury

Mercury is a collaborative enterprise catalyst working with organisations and communities to build sustainable enterprises and equitable wealth.

Mercury is a network of skilled and experienced associates committed to assisting communities of interest to achieve viable, equitable and self-sustainable outcomes as a result of collaborative enterprise engagement.  Mercury cultivates enterprise establishment and improvement through the following broad programs:

Collaborative Strategies

Mercury acts as ownership architects and helps people & organisations move from concept to implementation …

  • Ownership planning
  • Start-up ventures
  • Community engagement
  • Community asset retention
  • Employee ownership


Collaborative Governance

Mercury works with individuals, boards and management to enable practical governance solutions utilising key processes and compliance requirements …

  • social accounting (SAA)
    • affiliated SAN-UK
  • structure & entity planning
  • leadership, management & social capital evolution

Enterprise Stewardship

Mercury facilitates capabilities to generate ethical & sustainable income resources, identifying and exploiting market opportunities, and building a resilient financial legacy …

Learning & Sharing

Mercury imbues a learning culture based on our collective experience; we are committed to sharing evidenced based knowledge, building alliances and providing a platform for new information and innovation …